Task 1 – Photoshop

Try to be subtle – avoid it looking like Frankenstein’s monster – we want to believe we could actually meet the individual you have created. – Paul Hazell

Our first given task for this module, was to collect both side on and front facing photographs of ourselves and our given partner. These images would then be used to create a photomontage of both our faces.


Since my partner decided to work with someone else, I took the initiate and used an existing image, taken from Google.co.uk. Here, I was thus able to acquire a photograph which best suited my needs; a side on image with a clear/white background.


After selecting the appropriate image for the task, I set upon using Adobe Photoshop CC, to create my photomontage. Now, to start, I imported both my chosen model photograph and the image taken of myself into the programme and aligned them together. By aligning both the images, I can allow the layered image beneath, to be fully inline with the image on top, thus allowing for a perfect merge.

Once this has been done, a clipping mask was added to the top image (of myself) and here, I began to edit away parts of the photo. By doing this, you can allow the layer beneath to emerge on top, creating a merged effect.


Now the image of myself was edited black and white, to fit the colour tones of the other photo below, and the harsh lines of the clipping mask were erased using a soft brush and a low opacity. Such brush settings allowed for a smooth constancy and life-like look to be achieved.

Final Image



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