Task 3 – Major Brief

“Whether it is for commercial work, self-expression or documentary, the photographer needs to convey a message and engage the viewer. This project allows you to explore the issues of communication and creativity as well as demonstrate that you have understood various photographic techniques in order to create a series of engaging pictures.” – Paul Hazell

The Decisive Moment


After experimentation with a range of techniques and ideas produce a set of four photographic images that individually capture a decisive moment. This means taking a shot at the optimal moment that best sums up the pictures content. The four pictures could have a related theme, concept or genre.

Good camera techniques, a workable concept and the ability to identify effective potential subject matter will produce a successful range of photographs – so both creative thought and technical ability will be vital to achieve good results.

NOTE: The techniques adopted should be driven by the message/theme that is trying to be conveyed.

Always remember to consider:

  • Concept – What is the theme? Is it experimental and creative?
  • Technique – How will it be created? Does it enhance the use of camera skills?
  • Audience – How will you convey the message? Is this way effective?

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