Main Brief – Research

Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past. – Berenice Abbott

Mevagissey Trip

Research began in Mevagissey, Cornwall. A trip was taken to the small fishing village in the Southern Cornish town, to act as the first location for the Decisive Moment brief.

Here, I was able to photograph the working harbor, dozens of fishing boats and fishermen that worked amongst it all.

Some of my Mevagissey Trip shots –


Contact Sheet


Glasgow Trip

The second research trip took place in Glasgow, Scotland. In comparison to the quaint village of Mevagissey, Glasgow was jam packed with a vast variety of people.

Having a photoshoot set in a city, allowed for a stronger decisive moment image to be captured, as the location boasted a variety of different opportunities.

Some of my Glasgow Trip shots –


Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet 1 - Glas.pngcontact-sheet-2-glas

Christmas Party

Whilst back at home for Christmas, another photoshoot was conducted at a friend’s house party. Here, the main subject, and focus, was the cat, Lola.

Lola spent the night within the Christmas tree, posing with the lights, baubles, and tinsel, thus showing her to be the perfect model.

Some of my Christmas Party shots –


Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet - Em.png

Birthday Shoot

The final photoshoot which was conducted for the Decisive Moment brief, was based inside my home. On the day of my Mum’s and Aunty’s 48th birthday, I playfully took a variety of different shots.

Here, I stuck to a black and white design, as I felt it strongly portrayed the feels and emotions better than fun colour.

Some of my Birthday Shoot shots –


Contact Sheet




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