Task 5 – Weird World

“You should not use any post-production but rely solely on ‘in-camera’ effects. Be as creative and experimental as you wish and try to think how the technique might enhance what you are conveying.” – Paul Hazell

‘Weird World’ focuses on the use of five different ways of capturing a picture:

  • Forced Perspective
  • Exaggerating Scale
  • Lens Foreshortening
  • Unusual Viewpoint
  • Using a Specialist Lens

Within this task, I have begun to look at Lens Foreshortening. Lens Foreshortening is the transformation of an object, or person, and their surroundings, to object the image captured with a normal local length. Both wide angle and narrow angle shots can be produced, with the outcome related to the angle of view used to capture the image.

Tips on capturing an aesthetically pleasing photo using the Lens Foreshortening method, include:

  • Using a small aperture setting, roughly at f8 or higher. This gives a crisp and clear finish to both the foreground and the background.
  • Stand far back from the subject, and zoom-in. This will give the appearance that the background is closer than in normal view.

Some of my Lens Foreshortening shots –

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