Major Brief – Final Four Photographs

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.
— Robert Frank

beth-h-image-1beth-h-image-3beth-h-image-4Beth H Image 4.jpg

The first photograph taken was shot at my friend’s Christmas party, in Alsager, (home town). It was the first time the all of us had met up since starting our second year at university, so the setting had a strong meaning to us all. Whilst sitting in the living room chatting about how everything was going, I heard a rustling from bending me. Camera in hand, I spun around to find Lola, the cat, hiding within the Christmas tree. Personally, I think little miss Lola was loving the camera, as she proceeded to carry on posing.

Image number two was taken down in the little fishing town of Mevagissey, Cornwall. After photographing a flock of seagulls flying past the harbour, I looked down at the sea below. It was a clear and sunny day, so the bright tones of the blues and greens from the ocean were very crisp. In the distance, I noticed something poking out from within the water. Upon further inspection, it turned out to be a ladder used by the local fishermen when they arrive back into the bay. The initial shot was actually just a test shot, to see how the settings on the camera were looking, however, upon viewing the image closely, I found the warm, harsh tones of the red-ish brown rust, contrasted beautifully with the cooler, relaxed ocean colours.

My third photograph, was taken only a few days ago on January 5th, 2017. Here, I travelled just under 80 miles North on the night before, to celebrate the 48th birthday of my Mum and Aunty. The celebration involved only four of us – Me, my Mum, my Aunty (Mum’s twin sister), and my cousin. Nothing much happened that night, except lots of laughing and drinking of Prosecco. Whilst messing about, I begun to taken random photos of everyone around. None of the images were intended to be used, however, out of the may taken, a handful clearly summed up the night. This being one of them.

Finally, the fourth photography was once again taken in the Cornish village of Mevagissey, here, upon arriving in the B&B I was staying at, at unpacking everything, the sun started to set outside. It was still very early, 5pm at the latest, when I began to have a wonder around the town. I decided to walk the longer route to the harbour, taking a short cut down an alleyway. With it being early December time, the cold, crisp night had begun to arrive, however, I stumbled upon this quietly hidden local fishing store. The shop sold a range of items, from chairs to baskets, to fishing equipment and magnets, however, what caught my attention of the store was the warm tones which emerged from within. Inside, a group of local fishermen were gathered around laughing. The warmth from their voices was portrayed within the bright orange light which shone from the entrance, and personally, I feel this picture easily sums up the importance of local stores in comparison to high brand chains.

Photos The Nearly Made The Cut



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